Company Profile

HEWEIDA Taiwan Ultrasound Wave Equipment Company Limited is a big multi-national enterprise specializing in research, development, manufacturing, marketing and services related to supersonic wave sanitation equipments with high precision. The Company was established in May 1985 with its head office located in Taiwan and its production bases located in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China, including subsidiary companies such as Shenzhen City HEWEIDA Shenzhen Ultrasound Wave Equipment Co., Ltd, HEWEIDA Vietnam Ultrasound Wave Equipment Co., Ltd, HEWEIDA Indonesia Ultrasound Wave Equipment Co., Ltd (Indonesia, HEWEIDA Singapore Ultrasound Wave Equipment Co., Ltd (Singapore). Since its establishment, the Company has always implemented the philosophy of business - “customer-centered services and establishment of a comprehensive service system including pre-sales, sales and after-sales”. The Company is judged as a hi-tech enterprise by the Municipal Government of Shenzhen City and granted with honoring certificates such as “Enterprise meeting consumer demands for quality nationwide”, “Reliable enterprise to consumers nationwide”, etc.


     The HEWEIDA Taiwan Ultrasound Wave Equipment Company Limited has been strictly complying with ISO9001:2000 management model. The Company’s products are exported to remote countries such as America countries and Southeast Asia countries. Keeping pace with the development momentum of latest science and technology as well as different demands of each customer, our company has made timely coordination. In a positive response to the United Nations and Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations related to “agreement on the elimination of ODS Montreal”, our company has duly adjusted our sanitation technology, made best use of environmental protection-type sanitation equipments, with a view to making partial contribution to sustainable development of  global environmental protection.


     Our company has researched and manufactured high-precision sanitation equipments being international leading technology, high-precision equipments with carbon hydrate compound being entitled to independent intellectual property right, TFT, LCD and high-precision sanitation equipments with semi-conductor. These products have high quality and prominent features.


     Our company has currently specialized in producing products such as supersonic wave (sw) sanitation equipments, sw sanitation equipments with complete automation, air sw sanitation equipments, optical sw sanitation equipments, high-precision supersonic wave sanitation equipments with metal accessories, sw sanitation equipments with car accessories, sw sanitation equipments with motorbike accessories, sw sanitation equipments with plane, hanging-type belt sw sanitation equipments, high-precision sanitation equipments with latest carbon hydrate compound, sw plastic welding machines, sw metal welding machines, sw maintenance and sanitation equipments, galvanizing equipment production line, industrial pure water machines, industrial drying ovens, industrial cold water machines, high-pressure flushing sanitation equipments, etc.


     “HEWEIDA” brand is widely applied in many sectors such as electro-optics, optics, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), electronics, galvanizing, plastic, metal, powder metallurgy, cars, motorbikes, trains, aviation industry, chemical fiber, jewelries, etc.


     The “HEWEIDA” Company sincerely desires that our efforts will make partial contributions to your successful business!