Our mission is by production, marketing process, improving and enhancing social life, devoting to the development of the world’s culture.

        This platform has been refined as business purpose and reason for existence of the Headwaters Group, "business philosophy," the basis of all business activities.

        Since the day the company was founded, We always take this philosophy as the basis for policy implementation. In addition, in the deployment of overseas business, We also get the benefit from the development of foreign countries, having their welcome is first-and-foremost.

        Today, all aspects as: social, economic, heritage etc. are experiencing major changes. To maintain Headwaters Group Enterprise forever as a "devoted entity for the development of society", in the future we will still base on this business philosophy, to constantly open up to new fortune.

        To understand the producer’s mission

        "For example, tap water is a processed valuable product, even though there are people who illegally drink water on the roadside but not subject to any criticism. Which has brought the true mission of the producer. In other words, we need to produce large amounts of products to help people out of poverty, create wealth and more satisfactory life. "

        Eliminating poverty, achieving material and spiritual wealth

        Poverty is not only accompanied by extreme pain, but it also leads to moral corruption, it is the cause of crime. If you do not remove these obstacles, then society will not have prosperity.

        Business is the public engine of society

        "Business is the public engine of society" is the business concept by the founder. In other words, is " from the perspective of law, even if the enterprise is private, its nature does not belong to an individual or certain shareholders. It includes social factors among these people. "As an enterprise, We are using talent, goods and money of society for operation, through these activities, we contribute to our social mission. In other words, it is "through continuous innovation in technology, contributions to the prosperity and happiness of mankind." This view is taken from the "platform" to circulate till today, and becomes the foundation of the business philosophy.